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Where We Help:


At Encouraging Words Inc. we desire to provide hope and help to every child in need. Our on-going programs are in India and Nepal and we have provided additional short-term support to programs in other parts of S.E. Asia as well as Romania. Our goal is to minister to as many children as possible and is only limited by financial contributions.


Our model is based on working through schools and education programs to help equip national workers to most effectively care for their children. Every group receives personal, on-going training and support from Encouraging Words Team members and have gone through on-site evaluation and continuous accountability measures. We are always looking for new partner organizations who fit with Encouraging Word's vision and mission and love meeting like-minded people around the world who desire to care for the world's children.


We invite you to join us in our mission and are excited in future opportunities and continuous program growth.

Who We Help:


Encouraging Words' ongoing programs are currently centered in Kolkata, India and Pokhara, Nepal. 


We assist national schools and education programs to provide education and care for children including:


  • Orphans

  • Extremely Low Income Families

  • Abandoned Children

  • Children Living on the Streets

  • Those Living in Remote Villages

  • Children in Extreme Need

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