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This page highlights some of Encouraging Words' additional projects and special funding needs that must be met in addition to the monthly care costs of our children. 



501c3 ID#: EIN 261257350

Nepal School 


A wonderful opportunity has been offered to us and in September it will be our privilege to assume direction of a Nepali school dedicated to the education of 75 students.For $14,000 we are taking ownership of the building and property along with the school vans. 

As of 6/10/19 only $4,500 remains to be raised to secure this opportunity. We ask that you join us in intercession to be obedient to GOD's guidance and to rely on His provision for the purchase. If you care to help us reach our goal please click on the Donate button located at the top of this page. 

Below is a video of the school's director leading the children in an educational exercise.

             The HOPE Center








Thanks to all of your generous donations to our HOPE Center project, our Hope Boys Home and Equipping Center was fully funded and is now operational.


This center provides housing and resources that these boys desperately need while also providing space for:

  • Sleeping Quarters

  • Resource Center

  • After-School Tutoring

  • Skills Training

  • Mentoring


While the center is now operational we still need donations to help with the monthly operational costs of this incredibly important center. Please consider clicking on the donation button at the top of the page to help today.

Boys home.jpg
outside the boys home.jpg

Street Boys of Nepal

The Documentary - 15 minutes


In Nepal, countless boys are living on the streets without anyone to help them. Ranging from 3-16 years of age, these children survive by collecting recyclables to earn what money they can. Many are addicted to glue sniffing to mask the constant hunger they face. The kids are victims of domestic violence, abuse from other kids and adults. Their own society shuns them and refuses to provide a place for them to be cared for.

We traveled to Nepal to shoot this documentary, which provides first-hand evidence of the situation. Watch as we search the streets to find the boys and deliver food to them, then hear the stories of several brave boys who have come off the streets and now live under the care of our organization partners. Through our care, these kids are free from addiction, well-nourished, and are going to school. Not only that, but some of them have been recognized as the top of their class and most highly disciplined. 

There are many more kids on the street, and they all have this same potential. They are not responsible for what has happened to them. Our HOPE Center project will build a permanent shelter that will bring kids off the street, feed and educate them, and equip them to be healthy, functioning and contributing members of their society.


Enjoy meeting some of our boys in this short documentary and consider how you might impact their lives to give them HOPE and a future.

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