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How We Help:


Our partners provide daily care for over 550 children. This care is personalized to what each child needs as we seek to provide holistic help.


In addition to our ongoing education, housing, and feeding programs we also offer community development and short-term project help to assist village development and rural schools.



Sponsor a Child - Resource a School - Equip a Community


We have a three-prong approach to helping children and their communities.

Through these three aspects we provide:


  • ​Education & Tuition Help

  • School Supplies & Funding

  • School Uniforms

  • Teacher's Salaries

  • Private Tutoring

  • Daily Food & Feeding Programs

  • Drug Rehabilitation

  • Career Development Programs

  • Community Programs

  • Building Projects

  • Cross-Cultural Exchange

  • Housing for At-Risk Children 

1.Private Education

2.Daily Food

3.Personal Care

4.Village Outreach


Live 4 HOPE - India

Primary Programs

1.Off the Streets

2.Free from Drugs

3.Back in School

4.Equipped to Serve


Sponsor a Child:

The children we work with are some of the brightest, joyous, and poorest children in the world. We currently sponsor children in the developing countries of India and Nepal who live in severe poverty.


Our children in India & Nepal primarily live on the street and in city slums. If they have housing at all it is shared by generations of family members and commonly consists of bamboo poles, woven leaves, wrapping paper and spliced electric wires. Most homes have no running water or plumbing and while they have little to wear, they have less to eat. Their families greatly vary, some impoverished due lack of education and opportunity, others from traumatic life experiences, and many from a compilation of economic and heritage factors. These children are children who desire more.


We seek to help them reach their potential and provide the foundation for a bright future. Through our programs every child receives individualized help.


We provide:

  • School Tuition

  • Housing (for orphaned and abandoned children)

  • Addiction rehabilitation (for children battling substance addiction)

  • Guidance Counseling

  • Tutoring

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Career Training

Resource a School:

We currently sponsor multiple schools and para-education programs which specialize in educating children who could otherwise not afford education and/or would not attend for other reasons.


Our Indian private schools pride themselves in providing English submersion education, which not only sets them apart from the state schools but equates their students' education with those of the best schools in the area. This, as well as the many afterschool programs including tutoring, karate, dance, music, and career development, would all be out of reach of the children who enjoy them were it not for the great work of these program's leaders and teachers.


Some of the things we provide are:

  • TEACHERS! - Encouraging Words provides the salary for the servant-hearted leaders at many of the schools. 

  • School Supplies - Everything from printers and computers to paper and pens

  • Building necessities - desks, paint, up-keep, playground equipment

Equip a Community:

We believe that lasting change truly relies on whole communities being cared for and educated. Because of this we support ongoing community programs as well as short term projects. Every opportunity is addressed independently and some of the ways Encouraging Words Inc. has been able to sponsor community development include:


  • Village Medical Help - project tour teams of doctors and nurses have offered help, free of charge, for many of the villages where our students live. These medical professionals have been able to address common medical concerns and help educate village leaders to harmful sanitary practices and diet deficiencies.

  • Construction - project tour teams have helped communities in dire need of construction. We have created sidewalks in remote Himalayan villages which provide school children a way to get to their schools during rain or snow. Before the goat paths they traveled were impossible to navigate safely. Another example of construction projects is the swing set we brought and built for a remote village that had never had anything besides an empty field for the children to play on.

  • Continued Education - this ongoing program provides tuition help for students and teachers wanting to pursue collegiate or graduate studies.

  • Cultural Exchange - Dance, sports, and other recreation teams provide cultural education and exchange opportunities.

The Lasting Impact:


We are seeing the effects of cyclical poverty reversed through the care and equipping of children.


  • Graduating Classes

  • College Graduates

  • Girls Saved from Child Marriages

  • Begging Children Pursuing Careers

  • Previously Drug Addicted Children Receiving School Awards

  • Healthier Students

  • Enriched Dreams

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