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The Need:

Daily our children face life on the streets and in slums, enduring the effects of some of the world’s most abject poverty. The struggles they face are the same as those of any person surviving in dire poverty:


  • Hunger/Starvation/Malnutrition

  • Illness Due to Inability to Afford Healthcare

  • Addictions

  • Gang Violence

  • Illiteracy

  • Lack of Appropriate Shelter

  • No Clean Water and Little Sanitation

Secondary Dangers:

In addition to the severity of lack of daily provisions these children also face the secondary dangers that come with extreme poverty such as:


  • Abduction

  • Forced Slavery

  • Sexual Exploitation

  • Child Marriages

  • Forced Begging

  • Cyclical Poverty

  • Underage Childbearing

  • Preventable Causes of Death

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