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Our Mission: We are a non-profit organization seeking to respond to the educational and physical needs of the world's children and their communities while giving each a chance to experience personal hope.
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Partnering with native schools and educational programs allows Encouraging Words to have a lasting impact in these children's lives. Instead of causing communities to rely on outside help, Encouraging Words works to provide stable, ongoing programs that will equip the children for a brighter tomorrow.


We currently work with orphaned, homeless, and impoverished children who could not otherwise afford education. Through ongoing sponsorships, and one time gifts, we are able to supply Indian children with education, school uniforms, and daily food. Nepali children are likewise being fed and tutored, assisted in drug rehabilitation (a common problem among street children is the addiction to glue sniffing) and others are provided lodging at the home for boys.


Over the years we have been blessed to assist villages with playgrounds and sidewalks, health clinics and cultural programs.


This we do through sponsoring children, resourcing schools and equipping communities.


Thank you for your interest in what Encouraging Words is doing around the world. We appreciate your support and encourage you to join us in this wonderful work.

Our Vision: We have one focus - to provide hope and help to the children of the world.

  • We are founded on the belief that God has a plan for every child, a plan to give them a hope and future (Jeremiah 29:11).

  • We believe in being part of that plan.

  • We know there are real children in real need right now around the world, and we can’t look the other way.

  • We also believe that change must happen, can happen, and will happen.

  • We believe that every child is a gift and a blessing from God, that they have purpose on this earth.

  • We believe it is our duty and privilege to help children reach their potential.

  • We believe that hope changes everything, and that without hope there can be no joy, or real purpose to life.

  • We believe that as Jesus loved the little children so should we.

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