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A Life Changing Trip to our Nepal and India projects

By our youngest team member:   Andy Rabe, 6th Grade Student

On this life changing trip, I traveled to Nepal and India, both had different experiences. I have had many experiences, some good some bad. In this short essay I will be telling you about my explorations.

My explorations of the three different countries have helped me learn how privileged we are to have the needed necessities at a moment’s call. We had to watch the food we ate to make sure that we didn’t get sick because the water there is not always safe to drink. Imagine not having proper plumbing and not being able to clean yourself with sanitary/clean water. Transportation in India is always a risk of safety either if you are walking or driving. For instance, my mom whacked a bus for almost hitting me when the walking sign was up. That driver was at risk.

Meeting the principals, teachers, and students made me feel disappointed because I can only help them so much. One of the schools I visited didn’t have a roof. All they had was a ceiling made of wood that would leak if it was raining or snowing. Imagine having to try to teach a class of students (who already aren’t paying much attention) while water is seeping through the ceiling.

When I spoke to the children at one of the schools, I felt that I was encouraging them to keep pursuing hope.

In conclusion this trip has meant the world to me and has changed my perspective of the world for the better. I hope that all the people I met live long, and happy lives.

Encouraging Words is a nonprofit that has helped many people get an education and a roof over their heads.

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